September Song

The morning sounds are changing. Cricket songs have replace those of birds. The sun is not as strong. I had hoped summer would continue on through September, but the seasons are changing.
Back in December we began converting our front yard( a gravel parking lot) into a walled garden. The thought was to screen the highway, create space to garden, and provide a secure area for children and pets. The project has surpassed expectations. New plants have grown well through the summer, but mildew is creeping into the bottom leaves and the Joe Pye Weed and
tall grasses were hurt by the 6 inches of rain we had last week. Fall is in the air.
I hate to see summer end, but there is still much to do. The entrance stones leading to the gate don't flow, don't draw you into the yard. They need to be relaid. And getting a better stand of grass that is a project for the fall . The Crabgrass has taken advantage of our young lawn and the hot dry summer. Which reminds me, of the need a hose bib in the new yard. The list gets longer.
Possibly I should have another cup of coffee and enjoy the crickets before the list gets out of hand.

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