High Hampton Rock Mountain Room 9-2011

High Hampton Inn's bar is the "Rock Mountain Room". It has a patio and garden with a water fall fountain. The purpose of the garden is to hide the kitchen area and the fountain provides white noise which mask the kitchen fans. Views from the patio are to the north where you see Rock Mountain, Hampton Lake and the golf course, a beautiful vista.

During the winter weeds were removed from the garden. Both mint and Queen Anne"s lace were getting out of control along with binders vine. The standard hydrangeas were cut back and staked as were the rhododendrons. Some parts of the garden had been lost to grass so they were reclaimed and amended with compost. The entire area was mulched with double ground hardwood bark.

Annuals were planted in April and pots of Dragon wing Begonias and white Scavola were put on the rock wall. A Dahlia bed was add to hide a cottage. There have been some problems with the garden this summer:

Holly Hocks got rust early, The grass is very low quality (mostly crab), the phlox got mildew,
Mint, and there was no reliable water.

It is now time to begin the transition from summer to fall. Violas are started in the nursery
to replace annuals when frost hits (around 25 days). This is also the time to improve the grass.

Next year look for a better water system, Better pots on the walls.

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