Fall Planting Plan 9-12-2011
 Autumn borders are generally mums, pansies or violas, standard fair. Below is an October planting that has a different twist: kale, mustard, chard, and beets. This would look good at the entrance to the pavilion and to replace  the Margaritas at the market.Violas could be inter planted and establish for next spring.

   I would also like to try confery, mums,and pumpkins under the flag pole. Late blooming tulips or daffodils
can be under planted for early spring. The daffodils can be relocated after they bloom and gallon viola planted in their place until after Memorial Day.

   There are 6 x 18" pots under the port cache and 6 x 18" pots on the croquet court. Lets try pots of daffodils and tulips at these spots.

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