Bird Watching

Migrating birds are returning to LV., and the winter residents are beginning to sing their spring songs.

Mostly the valley is full of robins, thousands and thousands of them.
But there are other species around: woodpeckers, warblers, vireos.
, sparrows, and many more.

In the woods and forest margins birders locate birds by sound. So knowing the bird songs is key. There are sites on the web that have libraries of bird calls.

Once the the bird is located by sound a pair of binoculars and a field guide are helpful
in confirming the identification.

Good birding spots around LV are the Trout Pond, Long Lake, any of the bridges, the stream margin of the the Great Meadow, the deck at The Lodge, and the area around the intersection of Valley Drive and East Valley Drive.

Start a list of birds you have identified. Note the date and location for future reference. Knowing the birds adds interest to you walks in the valley.

"Ah! is that a tanager?"

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