Mountaineering Route Up Laurel Knob

  This is a picture of Laurel Knob, note the crevice in the center of the picture. It provides a route to the top of Laurel Knob that does not require ropes. It's an all uphill scramble for sure.
  To reach the base of the crevice go to the end of the logging road ( the Pick Nick View beyond The Bitter End Trail),from there bush wack several hundred yards to the base of the rock face. Another route is to take Laurel Knob trail from Canyon's End, when the trail reaches the cliffs go to the left and follow the base of Laurel Knob until you reach the crevice
   If you try this scramble during snowy or icy weather be sure the temp is below freezing, Falling ice is a real danger when the temperature is above freezing. Happy Trails!

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