Spring Wildflowers After The Fire 4-17-2017

Image result for chimney tops 2 fire mapSmoky Mountains National Park, 11,000 of the parks half million acres burn in the November forest fires (  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Great_Smoky_Mountains_wildfires).                             Image result for chimney tops 2 fire map Now in April what will spring be like in the Park?
Chimney Tops' chared ridge line is bare.
The forest leaf litter (duff) is gone in fire zones. 
Wild flowers are returning.
In areas where there was no fire the spring flowers are the best in years

     The forest sericev reports that the burned areas will recover and  that fire is good for the forest.
If you can get out to the park in the next couple of weeks and check the spring flowers,

             and support our national park system.             

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