Frost Watch

       5:30 AM the thermometer reads 37 degrees. That is a drop of 1 degrees in the last hour.Looks like the weatherman missed it, no frost this morning.
       The forecast last night included a frost/ freeze warning. That caused us to spend a big part of yesterday covering annuals, moving pots under cover, and setting up sprinklers to frost protect large plantings. Now it appears this work was an exercise which was not necessary.
       I was 80% sure it would not frost this morning. Yesterday was warm in the upper 60's. The wind was light. There were not enough cooling factors to drop us down to the freezing point. I could have chanced it and skipped the frost protection .But you really can not chance it. There is no way I could have rushed out just before sunrise and protected all the plants we have out, no way. So here I am watching the thermometer and happy to report 37 degrees in Cashiers, 1 hour to sunrise.

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