4-20-2012 ... 33 degrees... Is this the end?

    Yesterday we had 1.6 inches of rain, 70 plus degrees temperature, and  wind gust of 25 mph. This morning the mercury is a shade above freezing, dogwood winter.
So will this be the last cold snap? Shall we go full bore or wait for one more cold snap. My thought,  go for it? Plant no begonias or marigolds but anything that can take some cold lets get  going.
    After the rain passed Marcia and I went down to Lonesome Valley http://lonesomevalley.com/featured/cashiers-valley/  to check for water damage. The waterfalls were pouring off the rock faces in the canyon.
The streams along the trails were running full. Lucky for use there was no sign of erosion. The water was crystal clear.
The grass in the valley benefited from the rain. It washed in the 5,000 pounds of
of time release fertilizer we applied to the common areas two weeks ago. We use time release fertilizer to reduce loss of nutrients into the streams on the property.

Back at Canyon Kitchen, LV's open to the public restaurant featuring chef John Fleer, we have made some changes. New pots, a holly tree hedge between the building, and the parking court,

and the bruin garden which will be a mix of annuals and perennials.

Also in the background you can see a track hoe which is installing a new Bocci
Ball court in the community garden. A little something to keep the chicken entertained.
So we have a lot going on, a lot to do, but it would be best not to rush thing.
I think lets wait 2 more week for annuals.

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