My Favorite Seed Cataloges


1st...Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds

 Great pictures, over 1,4000 unique and rare varieties, pictures are outstanding, good enough to be a coffee table book.

If you are looking for something rare or unusual these guys are your best bet.

2nd: Bountiful Gardens

              Bountiful Gardens sells open pollinated non GMO seed of heirloom vegys,herbs, and flowers, grains, green manures, compost, and carbon crops. That's a a lot of stuff. They are a non-prophit and are focused on education. Their publication is an educational tool as well as a seed source. They are into biointensive gardening.

     3rd: Johnny's Selected Seeds

                I buy the majority of my seeds from these guys. They serve both the farmer and the home gardener, have a good selection, and their service is good.
They also have growing tips and youtube video, cool stuff.

       4th: Fedco Co-op Seeds

            Their black and white, the catalog offers a great selection of unusual seeds fruits, trees and so on. It a great read especially in February, my best gardening month.

picture of fruit

        And if you can find what you are looking for in the a fore mentioned try
Territorial Seed Company,  Reene's, or Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.
It's out there....

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