Locust 2 Rail Fence

                    Today we built a 2 rail fence for Cashiers, NC's historic red school
house, headquarters of the Cashiers Historical Society.  We tied the fence onto the historic societies sign and and used a boxwood to ground it at the far end.
               There are some elements that make a fence look good. Keep it low 40", The distance from the ground to the bottom of the first rail should be about the width of a hammer head ( 8oz. claw hammer). The distance between the top of the bottom rail and bottom of the top rail is the length of a hammer, and from the top of the top rail to the top of the post is another hammer head width which should be about 40" form the ground. We round the top of the post.
            Keep the tops of rails as level as you can . Don't worry about the bottom edges.
            Make  joints with a chain saw, bevel the ends of the rails to fit into the post, and don't be too fussy about the fit. Your audience is passing by at 30 mph. or so.
    This fence will be planted with the purple clematis "Jackmani" and a pink climbing rose , pink" Elizabeth."  
    Notice the flower bed on the road side of the fence. It will be planted with large perennials like Joe Pye Weed,  perennial sun flowers, iron weed, and rudbeckia,  green cone flower, and red bee balm planted in a perennial garden style. It will be a good addition to the highway 107 south corridor  which runs through Cashiers.  
     Be sure to check out the Cashiers Historical Society.  Cashiers is a cool place and their mission  is to keep it that way.

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