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3-16-1202- 3-10-2013
Our new customer wants people to come to the front door. Visitors always come to the kitchen door which is no surprise. The entry walk to the front door goes right by the kitchen entry. The walks are equally as wide, the landscape is overgrown to the point that the  front door can not be seen, and the kitchen is closest. Where would you go? Me too.


The way to the front door is not inviting there may be bears or snakes down there. Its really overgrown.


The front entry is no veiled maiden. It looks more like Medusa. 


The house itself is native stone, polar bark siding, slate roof.
This should be easy to fix.

So how to get people to use the front door:

1-Built a  gate and put a short lattice or fence on top of the

knee wall to segregate the rear door area. It would also create a

small, enclosed garden area.

2- Widen the walk to the front door. I think a ramped walk would be a

good replacement for the 5 steps leading to the entry( see landscape


3. Replace the overgrown landscape plants( leave the big holly tree)

so the front door area can be seen.

     Spring is just breaking. Lets look  the new landscape looks after it's first winter.    
      Not bad, the house is visible, there is more light, and this year the new gardens will go in. Can't wait...

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