Bantam chickens have all the extras. They are compact, about the size of a large pigeon. They can fly, something that larger types can't  do. Their eggs taste much better than any other chicken eggs I've eaten.
and the roosters crows are not  nearly as loud as larger birds, something our neighbors appreciate. 
We keep mostly Quail Bantams at home. They are  a very vocal variety, and begin clucking hello anytime we come into the  garden.
We  let them out of their coop while we are working in the evening. They hang around where we are working hoping we will turn something up they can eat return. They to the coop at dusk about the time we are ready to go in. Much better that dogs.
We don't let them run free during the day . We have a number of hawks and falcons in our area.
The fellow pictured below sit outside the coop many evenings.

 Marcia feels badly that the birds have to stay cooped up so much of the time, and has decorated their digs.
       This  keep them happy.

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