100 mile on the Ga. AT

Last year we hiked the Appalachian Trail through Georgia. It was our last hurrah before the growing season tied us down. The first night there was snow and wind. The shelter was packed with thru hikers starting off for Maine, 2,000 miles north. 
We opted for the woods.

Marcia and I have hiked thousands of miles and have a good attitude about bad weather. The fact is we feel the worst the weather the more memorable the trip. 

The weather cleared and Georgia was beautiful.

There were a number of good camp sites on this section of the AT. We usually camped with thru hikers.
Most were rookies.It was interesting to here there view of things. All had high great expectations, but statisticsally eighty percent of them would not complete the trip.
 When we returned home we read their post on the internet. One after another they left the trail for home. . One, " Firefly" was her trail name, did make it all the way. 
Way to go Firefly! 

We were, however, were just out  to bag another peak (Blood Mountain tallest mountain in Ga.), out for fresh air.

Georgia AT:  5 stars for winter hiking.

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