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 There were strange sounds coming from Grammy's old room last night. A red squirrel ( boomer) had move into a downstairs' s closet. He had made a neat duplex out of insulation. One apartment was used for sleeping the other housed around two hundred walnuts. We trapped the squirrel in a kindness trap and relocated him and his walnut cache to the guard house of a local gated community. The guard there feed the critters, and I have not seen any other red squirrels in the area.

 The red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) is one of three species of tree squirrel currently known as boomers or pine squirrels, . It is a medium sized  diurnal ( active during the day) mammal that defends a year-round exclusive territory.
 They also  have the backing  of the Price of Wlaes. who  heads of the red squirrel preservation society in England

                                                                 HRH The Prince of Wales
                                                               The Prince of Wales

"The red squirrel is one of the most utterly charming British native mammals, but they are facing a battle for survival."

 Boomers have a large personality. Their territorial imperative causes them to fearlessly defend their territory. They will Chatter angrly at anyone who approaches  part of their territory which could be a spruce tree in the yard or the bird feeder on the front porch. In a tree they are unequaled for speed and agility. It is said that a red squirrel can cut a spruce cone in the top of a tree, drop it then race down the tree and be on the ground in time to catch it before it hits the ground.
 I once watched a boomer rob a grey squirrels nest. The gray was storing walnuts in a poplar tree. He was carrying nuts from the yard and stashing them in a nest he'd made in the tree. Then he would return to the yard for another nut. While he was gone the boomer would zip up the tree and steal the nut that had just been deposited by the gray squirrel, and carry it off to his stash. This went on for a full day.The gray squirrel never caught on.
 So, boomers  are cute, clever, and bold, but not in the house........ good luck little fellow.


                                        The Acrobat

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