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We are going to go with the "buy local" philosophy this year. We  have been using Johnny's and Territorial Seed for years, but discovered Sow True Seed in Asheville only 50 miles from home,  http://sowtrueseed.com/ .
Their claim : We are an open-pollinated/non-hybrid vegetable, herb and flower seed company specializing in heirloom, certified organic, and traditional Southern Appalachia varieties. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, we seek to promote and foster community sustainability by helping to preserve our shared botanical heritage and seed a new era of sustainable culture and ecological wisdom. 
Sounds better than the Republicans. They get my vote.

And this below is a self watering pot designed for the kitchen. Growing a little arugula in January.
Not  trying to put the Green Giant out of business. Just nice to have a reminder of things to come.
The container is a Tupperware storage pot, screen cloth, separates, the growth media from the water. The screen cloth is supported by 2, 1/2 Dixie cup, and  torch wick moves the water.  Works great and only cost a couple of bucks.
Down in the garage things get serious.
Red Butter Crunch is starting in flats with 72 cells.

Mixed greens growing in flats.

And  another local( Asheville, NC) company, Fifth Season Gardening Co http://fifthseasongardening.com/  is located right across the the street from True Seed  can supply all the pots, fertilizer, media ect.you need. 
Its definitely could want.a cool store to look around.

Fifth Season Gardening Company's beginnings trace back to 2000 with the opening of Asheville Agricultural Systems in Asheville and then a few years later with the opening of Carolina Hydrogardens in Durham and Greensboro. In 2006, we decided to come together under one name, Fifth Season Gardening, Co. Despite our multiple locations, we are a small family business with twenty year roots in North Carolina, and we pride ourselves on our history of excellent customer service and commitment to the varied needs of hydroponic and organic growers.

 So think local.

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