Fire Pit

  Elements of a fire pit:

                                                     The vessel that contains the fire.

   We found this container at Fire Pit Art . They have a wide selection of steel containers. We chose this one " Saturn" because it is simple and raised off the ground.Raised is good, better than ground level or in the ground.
   If you are doing this on the cheap use a tractor trailer rim on top of a pickup truck rim.
Pits can be fire by either gas or wood. We prefer wood.

The environment

The fire pit should be placed in a defined area. We used 1/2" river gravel to insure  fire would escape.    Seating should be movable, smoke and heat. A chair is more comfortable than logs.
A garden can be added around the outside of the wall , vegy or flowers.
And remember to follow Smoky the bears advice about fires.

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