Vertical Gardening System

Gourds, squash,cucumbers, tomatoes, greens of all types, and artichokes have grown well in wire towers.

 Okra has  not done well.

The Best Towers
Use fencing with 1"x2" pattern , medium gauge

Make the tower 2' diameter, and 3' tall

Line with burlap, heavier material is better

Water daily, use drip irrigation on a timer

Drippers should be on the inside of the tower
 and run from the top to the bottom

Here's a good looking system
Unfortunately the company is out of business....

Thoughts for next year
Make a solar powered Lazy Susan to turn a tower and give plants uniform light...
Put a solid bottom under a tower so it can be turned by hand...
Put a tower on a dolly to add mobility...
Try a self watering system(wick)....
It may be necessary to use several water reservoirs  for the wick(1',2'...)
Make a floating row cover for  a tower...
Put a 4" pipe with seep hole 4" apart vertically in the center of a tower and use it to supplement drip system..
Try a soaker hose in place of drip system to water.

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