Who Nose

My son called, 5 bears in his yard, 1 big , 4 cub size.

Who nose?....
There are as many bears as chipmunks this year.

Mowed the Potato Field today, the conifer nursery where we grow the trees that not available in the trade.

Why compete with Monrovia?
Reason one Nordman fir:
These fellows really grow slowly at first. These were in the transplant bed 2 years and have been in the Potato Field for 3. It will be another 2 years before the reach 6 feet, but then they take off and growing 3 plus feet a year.
Why Grow them?
Nordman fir is an elegant plant, great color and needle texture. They will grow at low elevation, 2,000 ft where native fir perish. They don't have adelgid ( insect) porblems, and they live longer than native fir.
There several nordmans at my dad house that are 60 plus feet tall. They were planted in the 30's , Ostead planted some on The Biltmore Estate, and there are a few huge specimen in Highlands NC so they have stood the test of time.

The only place I know where they can be bought is on the West cost. They get expensive after freight is factored in, and since we like use them as replace for hemlocks....
..........which are about all gone here.

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