The Hood

We live in what is probably the most beautiful area in the (why not?) world. In the western end
of North Carolina 60 to 80% of the land belongs to the government, and has not been developed.
In this area of parallel mountains and valleys we receive as much as 90 inches of rain falls annually,
and have more plant species that any place in the world other than the Amazon
rain forest.

In our area the elevation is from 2,000 feet to almost 6,000. The mountains have a number of plant communities : balds, boreal forest, northern hardwood forest, oak hickory forest, upland bogs.Some trails in the area run from low altitude valley floors where Sycamore tree line river banks to fir and spruce covered mountain tops where water seeps from broken rocks. The journey will pass through 5 or more distinct plant communities.

We have 4 seasons here. One of which is winter....

which is followed by spring.
Marcia at Gregory Bald late spring 2011
I think that if the rest of the world ever figures out what we have that it will get crowded around here.

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