Wadell Property

 11-19-2011 The Wadell property is a historic property with a number of old trees.Thinning old trees is a difficult part of restoring older landscapes.

 Below  see 4 trees and a  driveway. To the left of the 4 are the stumps of 2 trees which were removed to make way for a new power pole.

 We are recommending removing the 4 trees and moving the drive way to a position which would be between  the door of the white tuck  and  the rhododendron hedge on the left.

 We reason  that the first tree's root system has been damaged by construction  and that continued traffic will weaken the tree further. The second tree, an adelgid infested hemlock, is almost dead. It needs to go. Trees 3 & 4 are not good looking stand alone tree and would look awkward if left.

 The tree removal creates a problem. The house will be too open to the highway.


 Screen the road,  add dirt where the existing driveway entrance is located. Create a contours which tie into the existing slope of the yard. Move the driveway  to the area of trees 3 , 4 and the two stumps, plant the new contours with 10 white pines (natural, unsheared 8/10'). The trees are planted on 20' centers . These pines  screen the house from the road, and also block the view of the adjoining property which can be seen in the picture below. 

The new driveway location allows for an improved  entrance statement. The entrance is more private and  4 questionable old trees are gone.

This last picture (below) shows an area along the road where other large old trees were removed. Notice how little there absence is felt. The rhododendrons are screening the road and the pine on the other side of the road are still providing an old forest  feeling.

The point:

It is possible to remove geriatric trees and still  improve and preserve historic landscapes. 

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