Sunday at Black Balsam Mnt.

First snow fell up high last week, but the weekend was clear and cool. Sunday morning we turned back the clock then went over to High Hampton Inn for breakfast.After the meal we replaced the last bedding begonias at the hotel's entrance with pansies....
HH has some beautiful trees in their lawn.
They were planted by the McKee family in the 30"s.
Work done in the valley we headed for the high country.
This is a good place to get ideas for landscape design.The picture below would make a good lawn layout: open sky, evergreen background, sedge ( which would be grass at lower elevation) give motion to the scene, the blueberries, azaleas, and rhododendrons create island and breaking the scene up.
The plants looking good this time of year. They have colored up but haven't got that it's winter look yet.
Gaylax, & dwf. hemlock
Pieris floribunda

We gathered seed of a dwarf variety of golden rod that grows on the balds.We will sow it in our"Urban Wilderness" at home. It was a good day we were home by 5 PM EST.

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