“No Hell Below Us, Above Us, Only Sky.”
John Lennon was actually not an atheist, as many think, but instead a person against organized religion. The opening lyrics to his 1971 classic, “Imagine” , are a summary of the nontheistic concept. The lyrics invite one to imagine a world which has rid itself of the divisiveness faith often seems to drive, coming together in peace, instead, through mutually shared need, common destiny, and brotherhood (sounds good to me)............I am writing about the sky as a landscape element today.

So look at this picture of Gregory Bald.

We see a foreground of grass, middle area of azaleas and trees, and sky for back ground.

Then I crop out the sky. and
it's not so beautiful?

The sky is free and everywhere so don't forget to imagine it in your landscape planning.
Let the sky back light trees
Create viewing windows to enjoy the sky.

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