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Today they predict clouds overhead with early morning valley fog lifting mid morning. A front arrives later in the day, elevations above 5500’ will likely see some mixed rain/snow before sunset becoming all snow by the mid evening . The snow line will work its way down to 4500’, possibly as low as 3800’.There will be a light accumulations of under an inch for the highest ridgetops. I get my weather from an amateur weather man. Local Yokel Weather is his web adress.
He gives local weather which usually more accurate than our TV weather which we get from Julie Wonder on channel 13. Along with the weather he dishes out side stories and pictures sent in by his followers. Today beside the projection of snow I see that a lone baby bear was spotted on the campus of WCU.

WLOS - Top Stories - Little Bear Cub Found On WCU Campus
What's with the bears this year anyway. We had the mother of all bears in the garbage last night. They usually don't come into town. This is RUMP territory. The place where Rural Upwardly Mobile People live, and no place for wild pumkin snatching bears, no more that the campus of an institution of higher learning.
In addition to the bear he mentions that his favorite DJ has been laid off, station cuts, and he request we write a letter of support requesting the DJ not be let go.
In any event we have the last tomatos from the garden are ripening on the window sill in the kitchen, all"s quiet in Cashiers,we are waiting on the snow.

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