Human Bee

"I choose the plants, I pull the weeds, I harvest the crops. We divide the world into subjects and objects, and here in the garden, as in nature generally, we humans are the subjects.

But that afternoon ( planting potatoes) in the garden I found myself wondering: What if it's really nothing more than self-serving conceit? A bumblebee probably also regards himself as a subject in the garden and the bloom he's plundering for a drop of nectar as an object. But we know that this just a failure of his imagination. The truth of the matter is that the flower has cleverly manipulated the bee into hauling its pollen from blossom to blossom."

Micheal Pollan, "Botany of Desire"
Imagine yourself at a nursery browsing the plants.
The huge erect flower trusses of the switch grass attract your attention.
You step closer .
They stir in the breeze seductively....

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