Grafted Cultivars

I planted these three maples in the center Cashiers where our two main arteries cross, hwy 107 , and 64, the crossroads. They are a good example of why to use cultivares (cultivated varieties ) to get uniform color and shape in a planting. These red maples are the cultivar of acer rubrum, "Red Sunset" . Since they are grafted plants they all have the identical genes. This assures similar appearance and growth habit. Trees grown from seed have different genes there fore different appearance: red yellow, red, orange red color in fall.
Catch 22, In order for cultivars to preform the same they need to have similar growing conditions. This is to say that a grafted maple planted on the north side of a house will likely
be a different animal that one planted on the south side of the same building. Cultivar plants need similar soil, water, and light conditions to look identical. The reason the trees pictures are so similar is they are planted in an huge open intersection with identical soil, light and water.
And finally, you might be amazed to know these trees are groing in 3' of fill drit which was dumped on top of an old asphalt road beds, remarkable?

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