Fall Color

Raining here today, but the color is almost peak at 3,000 ft. elevation up. We were at Mt. Mitchell on Monday and it is peak there. We had a front come through while we were at the top. There were big winds and fast moving clouds. This is the best Fall in years. Above we are looking from Lillian Law's porch at Lake Toxaway. She has been customers for 15 years. Notice how we have kept the canopy as a foreground element in the view. We do this by cutting 1/3 of the trees every three year. We cut the tallest trees which are growing into the view. This keeps a progression of different size trees coming on. The canopy remains full and looks untouched while view remains open.

This view is from a grass glad we installed 2 years ago at Lonesome Ridge. The elevation is about 4,000 feet and this view is dead east. The picture is from the house site (to be built). There is a
private road just under the grass foreground. Cars pass unseen and will enter the property
from the rear. There will be no visible cars in this landscape.
Here we are looking north at Laurel Knob a 1,100 foot granite dome near Cashiers,NC 28717. In the fore ground we have cleared 1 acre for a a future wildflower meadow and wildlife food plot. The ground was prepared with a forestry mulcher in one day. The forestry mulcher does a great job clearing. It turned the existing standing trees into mulch. It can handle up to an 8" tree (standing). The trees serve as mulch, add organic material, and there is no erosion (zero,silt fencing is not required.)
We will sow in the spring. This lot is for sale.
Here at home our small nursery is almost empty and our urban wilderness is coloring up. There is a Pa. maple in the fore ground. We have made 40' border at the edge of our property which has all the elements of the forest that occur above 5,000 feet. This includes trees shrubs, sedges and flowers.
Our chickens who live in the small building with the blue door are on the roost by 5 PM. now. The season is coming to an end. I can't wait for next year....

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