Lettuce at the end of the growing season..

We decided to let'm go. The dahlias were left uncovered last night. Today they are toast. The first heavy frost arrived last night, 8 days after the average frost date, 10-15. So coil the hoses that's all she wrote for this growing season.
In anticipation of the cold we harvested the last eggplant, bell peppers, and tomatoes. There are still broccoli and peas to go, but they can handle the cold.

This years vegetable garden was outstanding with lettuces being most outstanding. The butterhead varieties did well all season. Butterhead have large ruffly outer leaves surrounding a soft folded, and blanched heart. Worm compost in the lettuce beds produced dramatic results . We need to up compost production next year. Red butterhead is good for color, but does not produce a tight semi head like the green varieties.
Marcia with red butter-head lettuce

We haven't picked a "best" green variety yet, and plan a test plot next year to determine who's top leaf. Our seed come from Johnny's Select Seed. To insure a good supply of lettuce thorugh out the summer we grow transplants in 4" pots.

These transplants are useful in keeping our customer's vegy gardens looking " Burpee".
Leaf lettuce is another favorite. It is easy to grow. The leaves do not make a closed head, but have good color and form. You pick as needed and do not have to pick the whole head. "Firecracker" is brillant red variety, but bolts quickly.
We have had poor results from the Romaines so we will be sticking with butterhead and leaf lettuces next season. Iceberg is out too.

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